Forecyte Bio First Debut in China | BIONNOVA CGT 2021

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On Oct 20 at the “Biotechnology Innovation in China” conference in Chengdu and on Oct 26 at the “BIONNOVA CGT 2021” in Shanghai, Forecyte Bio delivered its first two conference presentations since its inauguration in August this year. Dr. Shuyuan Zhang, Chief Technology Officer at Forecyte Bio, presented keynote speeches on CAR-T cell therapy and AAV gene therapy, respectively, highlighting the excitements in the fields, the key technical challenges, and the solutions from Forecyte Bio.  

Dr. Zhang’s presentations were well attended and well received in both conferences which attracted hundreds of executives and technologists from biotech companies, regulatory agencies, investors, and media in China. Dr. Zhang also participated as a Guest Speaker in the round table discussion forum on “Breakthroughs in Gene Therapy R&D and Technical Innovations”, and Forecyte Bio exhibited at the BIONNOVA conference.

As a new CDMO service provider to the CGT industry, Forecyte Bio is focused on its unique and integrated offerings of plasmids, viral vectors, cell products, and mRNA technologies, built on several decades of CMC experience from its core team members in Process Development and GMP production. Its Mission is to accelerate patient access to gene and cell therapy with quality, speed, and agility.

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