Forecyte Bio, a CGT CDMO, Hosted a Grand Opening for Its Brand-New GMP Facility in Shanghai, Just Two Months After Its Sister Site in the United States

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SHANGHAI, April 5, 2023 ( - On March 31, 2023, Forecyte Bio held its opening ceremony for its brand-new, state-of-the-art Cell and Gene Therapy GMP facility in Shanghai, China, marking an important milestone after the successful opening of its United States facility in January. The new facility totals 140,000 sq ft, with a total investment of nearly 40 million USD. It offers multiple GMP production lines for plasmids, viral vectors, and cell therapies.  The dual sites in the US and China offer advantages to CGT companies, especially those with the intention of filing internationally. Both facilities offer high-quality production capacities operated by industry veterans and an executive team experienced in CGT CMC manufacturing.  Forecyte Bio's 4x4TM holistic approach covers a wide range of the CGT CMC workflow. Through its high-quality, efficient and agile services, Forecyte Bio helps its customers to accelerate their product development process from R&D to clinic and to the market, and at the same time enables cell and gene therapy products to be manufactured and filed in multiple nations.

More than 150 guests attended the ceremony, including local officials, investors, strategic partners, customer representatives and suppliers, witnessing and supporting another important milestone in the development of Forecyte Bio. 

Ms. Yingke He, founder and CEO of Forecyte Bio, delivered the opening remark: "The CGT industry has entered a stage of rapid development. Forecyte Bio adheres to the standard of serving customers with quality, efficiency and agility, and strives to accelerate patients' access to the advanced cell and gene therapy. With the opening of the Shanghai production and R&D center, the manufacturing capacity of Forecyte Bio in China and the United States are ready to serve its customers from US, China and around the globe. Thanks to the trust and support from our landlord, our customers and investors, and mostly our hardworking employees, we have been able to reach today's achievement in such a short time. We look forward to continuing to innovate and enhance the service value for our customers and building Forecyte Bio into a leading company in CGT CDMO."

About Forecyte Bio

Forecyte Bio is a CDMO company founded in 2021 to service the rapidly growing CGT industry. Built on decades of experience and expertise from its core technical team in CGT CMC processes, Forecyte Bio offers a 4x4TM holistic service package to accelerate clients' projects, covering 4 technology production platforms (plasmid, viral vector (including AAV, AdV, LVV, RV), cell therapy, and RNA) at 4 developmental stages (R&D, PD/AD, GMP, and regulatory filing). Its GMP capacities are available from both Frederick MD and Shanghai China.

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